MarBSD-X 5.1

OpenBSD Live-CD with X

MarBSD-X is the variant of my OpenBSD-Live-CD with X. This Live-CD includes all file sets from base except comp. Some packages are also included like Firefox and some console tools.

MarBSD-X uses a 100 % native OpenBSD-kernel, without any customizations. It is possible to use it for testing hardware for OpenBSD Compatibility. I release MarBSD-X together with every OpenBSD-Release.

MarBSD-X uses the minimalistic cwm window manager (its included in the base system). But its possible to use fvwm, too.


Iso-images are bzip2 packed (to reduce download traffic).

Download von diesem Server:

Download (204 MB). MD5



Use "root" as user name, no password, or if you have answered the password question at boot time, then the given password.

Is it possible to connect to a live-CD-run PC via SSH?

Yes. "Root" needs a password for this purpose. Use passwd, if you haven't answer the password question at boot time.

I booted MarBSD-X, but X doesn't start

To start X, you must first login (as root) and then enter "startx". X won't start automatically.

Why there is no menu and why there are no frames around windows?

cwm is a minimalistic windowmanager. cwm doesn't draw frames around windows and have no menu. To start a program, press <Alt>-? and type "fire". cwm completes to "firefox". Press enter, firefox starts (this can take some time).

How can i maximize windows and how can i switch between open windows?

Press <Ctrl>-<Alt>-f to maximize windows. Press <Alt>-<Tab> to switch between windows. Please read the manpage for cwm for more explanations.

How can I use other windowmanagers?

You can use fvwm instead of cwm. If you already started cwm, type <Ctrl>-<Alt>-w. Then type "fvwm" and press enter. cwm ends and fvwm starts. If you haven't started cwm, edit ~/.xinitrc. Change exec cwm into exec fvwm.

Firefox is extremely slow, how can i speed it up?

A disadvantage of a Live-CD is the slow speed, especially for starting programs. There are only two possibilities: Load programs into RAM. Then the programs starting faster, but it needs long time to load all programs into RAM and you need much RAM. The second Possibility is, start the program from CD. Then the program start is slow, but you needn't load many things into RAM (faster boot). MarBSD-X can do both: If you have 512 MB Ram or more, you are asked at boot time, if you want to preload /usr/local into memory. If you say yes, then it needs some time, but later your programs can start faster.

Is it possible to safe my data on an usbdrive.

Yes, thats possible. Use the mkbackup script to save the content of roots homedirectory on an usbdrive. If you reboot, answer the question about restoring data from an usbdrive at boot time with yes. This is only for the content of roots homedirectory, not for files in /etc or somewhere else.

(To be continued ...) (german FAQ)

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Germany License
Copyright (c) René Maroufi, 2007