MarBSD 5.2

My OpenBSD Live-CD

MarBSD is my OpenBSD Live-CD. MarBSD exists in 2 variations: MarBSD-light and MarBSD-serial.

MarBSD-light is the standard variant of MarBSD. MarBSD-light includes only the bsd, bsd.rd, base, etc and man file sets (no X-filesets). It also includes some text tool packages like wget, unzip, nano, fetchmail and mutt.

MarBSD-serial includes the same file sets and packages as MarBSD-light, but it is for systems without keyboard and monitor. You can use it with a serial console.

MarBSD Sparc64

I created a variant of MarBSD for Sparc64. I tested this variant on a Sun Blade 100. Installed packages are identical to MarBSD-light


I created a variant of MarBSD for AMD64.

With at least 512 MB ram (+), packages can be installed in a memory file system. Please read the FAQ for a explanation of all the features.

Iso-images are bzip2 packed (to reduce download traffic).

version 5.2:

Download from this server:

Download MarBSD-light i386 normal variant (84 MB)

Download MarBSD-serial i386 serial variant (84 MB)

Download MarBSD-light amd64 normal variant (92 MB)

Download MarBSD-serial amd64 serial variant (92 MB)

Download MarBSD Sparc64 for Sun Ultrasparc (82 MB)



System requirements

At least 128 MB ram
512 MB ram (+) allows package installation to memory file system.

Booting asks for root file system. What do I have to insert (only sparc64)?

With only one CD rom drive, cd0a is correct always. With two CD rom drives, it can be either cd0a or cd1a.

Booting also asks for a swap file system. What do I have to insert here (only sparc64)?

If your PC features an OpenBSD installation with swap partition, insert the respective one (i.e. wd0b). If there is no OpenBSD installation on your hard drive, use default (i.e. cd0b). In this case, swap simply is left out.


Use "root" as user name, no password, or if you have answered the password question at boot time, then the given password.

Is ist possible to install packages?

Yes, thats possible if you have 512 MB ram + and if you answered the question about loading /usr/local into ram at boot time with yes. Loading of /usr/local into ram takes some time. After this you can use pkg_add. The packages are in ram and get lost if you reboot.

Is it possible to safe my data on an usbdrive.

Yes, thats possible. Use the mkbackup script to save the content of roots homedirectory on an usbdrive. If you reboot, answer the question about restoring data from an usbdrive at boot time with yes. This is only for the content of roots homedirectory, not for files in /etc or somewhere else.

Is it possible to connect to a live-CD-run PC via SSH?

Yes. "Root" needs a password for this purpose. Use passwd, if you haven't answer the password question at boot time.

Use of serial CD-variation

Requirements: Two PCs, connected by a serial zero modem cable. First start the PC with monitor and run a terminal program. After that comes booting of the second PC with the live-CD. [If the first PC runs on OpenBSD, you can use "tip" as terminal program.]

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Germany License
Copyright (c) René Maroufi, 2007